To Shit or Not To Shit Rainbows

Recently, an anonymous SLsecret postcard called into question the character of Second Life™ fashion bloggers, asking:

Why does every freaking fashion blog have to constantly poop rainbows? Can’t we be unhappy sometimes?

The short answer: no. “We” can’t. You can. But not in a fashion blog post. Take your gripes to a more appropriate forum. Like Craig’s List.

How could one possibly be unhappy while being courted by the community’s best and brightest design talent to showcase their latest creations? C’mon.

Fashion blogging by its very nature is a labour of love. One writes about what appeals to them. People aren’t likely to put forth the (quality) effort to invest so much time and resources into something they are not positive and passionate about. Considering the flipside to mainstream fashion blogging – like the ill-fated and hate-filled Brutal Honesty blog – I’d take shitting rainbows to shitting … well … shit any day – literally and figuratively. Shit gets messy, and you have to wipe it. Rainbows would probably float out in a candy-scented trail, leaving no unsightly residue. Not to mention that the power of positive thinking is good for your mind, body, and soul.

Let’s not kibosh this fecal-free trend. I much prefer it to sucking the hopes and dreams out of your fellow man, like some Supernaturalesque crocotta, leaving behind a trail of empty, soulless carcasses.

Keep in mind, there are plenty of people who poop rainbows, not just SL fashionists with blogging know-how – followers of the Ba’hai faith, GLBT rights activists suffering from chronic flatulence, and Sarah Palin supporters are amongst the most common rainblowing factions.

The critical postcard has resulted in a movement of pro-prismatic poopers. The charming Kesseret Steeplechase of KessKreations has made a graphic tee for proponents of this particular interest group.

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Photo Credit (right): Courtesy of Shopping Cart Disco’s SLsecret week #13.


7 Responses to “To Shit or Not To Shit Rainbows”

  1. SPN reference for the win.

    Does the secret poster expect people to spend hours taking pictures and posting outfits that they think suck? I don’t see the fun in negatively critiquing items.

  2. Nothing to add. Just wanted to commend you on using the word “kibosh” in a regular sentence.

    Well done!

  3. Right on. I’ve been a proponent of the review policy of The Believer magazine: If it’s not something good, it’s not worth telling you about it.

    To the postcard writer: If you think it sucks and the blog reviewed it, then doesn’t it just reflect poorly on the taste of the blogger? And, if so, why do you keep reading?

  4. I’m always fascinated by the scatalogical! Be it in technicolor or not.


  5. I ❤ scatology, but I haven’t outgrown the humor in pewp jokes just yet. lol

  6. I am just sick of bloggers loving everrrrrrry aspect of an item. An item can beloved by someone but still have flaws. All I want in my blogger is an honest critique. You know, “I looooove these new skins, but the toes could be better.” That way the creator has something to work on. As a creator myself I would prefer rainbows with a chance of rain. That way I know what could be improved upon. Feedback is always great IF it’s constructive.
    I do agree however that it’s silly to blog something that you think is terrible.

  7. I agree with Colleen. That’s why I posted my take on this SCD Secret and got an amazing reaction (positive and negative) about this very topic. Its simply amazing that some fashion bloggers just loooooove everything. If you love it, great but, please provide the whys and point to specifics. I would like to see the evidence as to why the blogger loves the product.
    The likes of Brutal Honesty and this new flickr persona are simply amusing. The blog was a train wreck and so were/are the alts that drove the madness. The flickr account is harmless and holds no merit as its a John Madden-wanna-be who likes to draw on some of the fashion blogger’s pics. I can’t wait until my shots are highlighted – no publicity is bad publicity.

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