Drama makes this world go round


1:  A situation or succession of events in real life having the dramatic progression or emotional effect characteristic of a play

2:  The virtual air that allows avatars to breathe in Second Life.

Kitty reclaimed the term “slut” here.    I am about to reclaim drama.

Mention the word drama, and you are immediately hit with rolling eyes, whispered IM conversations, circulated notecards, and tales of woe and angst among the collective exes.   I am going to unscientifically say that drama is one of the most cited words in profiles across SL:   “I hate drama.”   “Take your drama elsewhere.”  “Drama free zone!!”

“My name is HawksRock Gunawan, and I embrace drama.”

I want every one of you to participate in an exercise with me.   Let’s think for a long second about what Second Life would look like without drama.  Are you thinking about it… for real?

Let’s think of a few things we would have to give up:

1) Relationships would be permanently abolished.  It would be free love with equal access amongst everybody.

2) Content creators would just produce things for the virtual good, and provide them for free because we couldn’t be so crass as to put a price on anything for fear that someone might not have the means to purchase it and they could potentially have hard feelings.

3) Linden Labs would have to step in and implement some controls around things like language, avatar expressions, and eliminate any sort of negative pose balls.

4) All avatars would have the default set to the 30 second smile.

Can anyone say… boring?    I used to write short story contests when I was in high school.   I was taught that every story has to have the following elements:   a setting, plot, characters, point of view, theme, and CONFLICT.   How boring would Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs be without any conflict?   I mean when Snow White finishes cooking, cleaning, and servicing the dwarfs do they all just sit around and eat apples?  Without conflict, you don’t have much of a story line.    Some games like WoW have built in conflict where you have to choose either the alliance or the horde, knowing that your goal in life is to get strong enough to kick the other sides ass!

Believe it or not, I am not advocating we all take up weapons and start mowing down each other.    Although, this is a fun hobby in SL as well.   I also do NOT advocate drama that is done in a mean way and is just intended to hurt others.   But I do feel that there is such a fear of “creating drama” in second life that individuals are afraid to voice their opinions in an open format.   People are so afraid of backlash, that they will not take a stand when they see something that they don’t agree with.   No one wants to be labeled as a “drama whore!”  The just want to read about it as it impacts others.

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind.   We need an engaged passionate populace willing to stand up and say what they think is right.   This last open sim fiasco demonstrated that the population is very willing to take on LL if they make a mistake along the way.   People are less willing to take on other issues from my experience.   Embrace drama if it means embracing the truth, and shining a light on injustices in this virtual world.    And besides, making a billboard of your neighbors getting it on three doors down is just kinda funny.    😉


4 Responses to “Drama makes this world go round”

  1. I think this is a good subject, i’m the first to admit I do not like “drama” but then some people make “drama” out of shit that doesn’t even NEED to be in the SLIGHEST bit dramatic.

    You’re right that the term injects fear and eye rollery IMMEDIATELY upon hearing it, because you always assume it’s shit stirring, name calling, backstabbing stuff and honestly… maybe 75% of the time it is, but sometimes people create mountains out of molehills, molehills that properly wouldn’t even class as *that*.

    I avoid confrontation like no other, it scares the bejeeeeeebus outta me, cos I just can’t be doin with people psycho babbling in my IM/EMAIL/FACE about shit that I just really would rather live without.

    Something i’ve learnt in my 4 years in SL is that some people thrive on it and create it just for shits and giggles, those people piss me the hell off. I wouldn’t want it happy happy rainbows and bubbles hearts all the time for sure, but sometimes people just need to know when the STFU and stop being a turdburglar, other times they need to speak their mind in an ADULT manor and not turn the “drama” into the shit slinging poop fest it sometimes becomes.

    Am I making sense? PROBABLY NOT.

    I don’t endorse drama, but I see why it happens more and more frequently, sometimes the niceness just has to give, doesn’t it?

  2. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    I agree with Willow’s comment. I also believe that drama is part of a wholesome healthy complete breakfast. Try it with orange juice!


  3. When I’m pissed about something, it ain’t drama, it’s business.

    When you’re pissed about something, it might be drama.

    When you’re pissed at me, it’s drama and you can stfu.

  4. While I believe that there is a mis-perception about drama, I think there’s also a misuse of the word. “Conflict” does not necessarily equate to drama, as can be seen in the difference in plot genres: there’s drama, comedy, fantasy, action, and so on. Drama revolves around what is “dramatic”, things that make the world stop momentarily for one or more people. With that in mind, I’d say there’s good/healthy drama and there’s bad/unhealthy drama.

    …I should have more to say about this, developing on the concepts, but my brain power just tanked. ^^;

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