One is a genius, the other’s insane…

This has been a long time coming. I would just like to say thank goodness for Kaedy. She finally spoke out about the closing of Mean Girls in her post “Three Sides to Every Story” on her personal blog. Go ahead and click the link, this is a must read. At first it was hard to take anyone who can’t spell bitch right serious, but this is a very serious matter, and just ignore the “bish” thing, I think she was trying to be cute.

I would also like to say Jeepers! Ya know, I was fired, errr I mean quit too Kaedy! I cannot begin to thank you enough for calling this out. You were absolutely right about unprovoked public attacks, in fact I love the way you did it much better by blogging it on your private blog.

The one and final note card you didn’t share however shows what a tyrant and complete dictating catty bitch Rosie really is. So let me share that here:

I Can Has a Mad

Yup, bein a total bish for the next week and a half. The notices bothering you? You don’t want to partake? kkthxbai! No really, feel free to leave the group/blog. This is an enormous amount of work, would like to see it go off well but I’ve yet to hear from a few of you… Plz contact me with an offline, IM, email with your thoughts and/or feelings… let me know where we stand with this. Warning: all communication is subject to use for blog fodder. Thanks!

Wow! Re-reading that caused me to shudder. At first I thought she was just organizing and getting prepared for the closing of MGG2SL, but after reading your post and reading this last note card over and over again, I cannot believe how naive I was. For the longest time I was under the impression that she was *my* sidekick and I was the bitchy one. I feel so completely stupid, used & tote victimized.

Not to mention I’m feeling so out of the loop. Why was I not allowed into your clique friendship of three? We could have formed some sort of alliance to take her down. I would have gladly joined your idea of taking a stand by not saying a damn thing. That woulda showed her! Was it because I’m not as smart as you guys? I mean I did feel completely intimidated by the wit, intelligence and eloquent writing all of you brought to Mean Girls but I could have tried harder to meet your standards. I honestly didn’t know that you could blog 564654545478 times about club life and etiquette. I mean I thought once I got my “Hoooo!” gesture, what else is left? Kudos to you!

I suppose that now instead of being able to go off and find Snarky glory I am trapped behind the shadow of Rosie Shark for at least a little while longer. Someday I will have my own world domination but never worry, I will never forget the little people. Again, thank you Kaedy for helping this victim speak out.



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  1. For serious? Really?

    Well, fuck me.

    I don’t even know if it’s worth commenting about…

    Ok, it is. To REAL Mean Girls drama is like blood in the water. Watch this shark circle, “Bish”.

    I’ve been a MG since the beginning. I am still proud to be a MG. I stopped reading the blog after the originals stopped posting. This girl.. I don’t even know who the fuck she is. I checked the blog every now and then but I skipped every single one of the posts by these girls.

    Why? It was the same old shit over and over again. The posts were long-winded, badly planned, and badly executed.

    I’m sorry she couldn’t be original. I’m sorry she wasn’t as ‘popular’ as the real MGs. Point is, just because she is a bitter drippy cunt doesn’t mean we were ever unfair to her. If you look at those notices you’ll see that Rosie was offering us all a spot to give our lasts posts. We were ask for our input, and those who responded with an idea were posted with said topic next to their name… So we don’t get the same ideas.

    The comment about her being more intelligent is laughable. Who can’t figure out a notecard with CHOSEN topics. Not assigned, mind you, not dictated, CHOSEN.

    Yeah, and writing an instigating blog post and then saying any attacks to her were out of the blue and totally uncalled for, aka “unprovoked”. Yeah, good job Chief Bigum Thinkum.

    Nice bid for popularity, though, taking on the big girls.

    Next time, stay on the corner. We got this.

  2. Oh, one more thing…

    “A rose by any other name” on the header. So, it’s the same thing just another name even though it said in the first post that it’s not… while using a MG idea for your blog picture?

    Hey, Snarks – Don’t quote it if you don’t understand it. It only shows people how stupid you are.

  3. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    Well jeepers… It’s hard to follow a Lala comment. Yup, my nerve got struck & as any young educated person, I’m lashing out in predictable fashion.

    But I figured it’s the new *in* thing to comment on your OWN blog post now – even though I *do* know how to edit and add to my post.

    I wanted to state here what Kaedy said in her post (that yes I know I led traffic too, that was the point. Nobody can the state the sheer idiocy of this like you can – what better way to illustrate how ignorant and lame you write than in your very own words)

    “So.. now that Ive vented.. If youre gonna tell a story, at least get the plot right huh?”

    Okie dokie pokie – let me help you with this plot because your’s seems a little flat.

    “Oh and just for the record, the photo header on Snark Attack was Guen’s idea, not a Mean Girls idea.”

    Oh we *have* the record in question…. here’s a sample of it:

    Rosie Shark: kitty can make it look like a movie poster for heathers?
    Kitty Lalonde: What?
    Kitty Lalonde: Umm yeah I can
    Rosie Shark: lol
    Kitty Lalonde: Sorry reeling that Jells hasn’t seen it
    Guenevere DeCuir: LOL
    Kitty Lalonde tuts
    Rosie Shark: ok googling images
    Rosie Shark: to see what poses we’ll need
    Kitty Lalonde: Oh and there is the craft too
    Guenevere DeCuir: oooo
    Rosie Shark: that’s another good one!
    JellyBean Madison: saw that one
    Rosie Shark: all in black hair
    Kitty Lalonde: Hehe

    As for name calling, well ya know we don’t keep Lala on a leash, but do the words “dictator”, “dumbass”, “catty”, or all of the above sound familiar? If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck.

    And for the color blind: “Shine on ya little pink headed cheerleaders. Sucks to be you.”


    So though you may think it sucks to be me, us, they, over here… I say… a sphincter says what?

  4. i really could not care less about any of this.

  5. Elizabeth Hallstrom Says:

    Elizabeth Hallstrom nods at Yuvi. I don’t really get what happened. I guess I need a manual or something about blog drama, haha.

  6. Ann Launay Says:

    You cared enough to read and comment…

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