Do you remember…

Life was so much easier in 2004 fashion wise, there was only 7 different outfits which we all wore in rotation, you could wear a system skirt without looking like a tit, everything was slutty and you could wear a blank texture as a skin and people thought you looked ‘cool’.

One of the most coveted items in SL at the time, was the near legendary ‘Cum Fuck Me’ boots made by Asri Falcone, these were precious indeed. The name alone enough to ensnare even the most prudish of shoppers. Standing at 750$L they were bloody expensive at the time, purchasing even 1000 lindens in those days required the ability to fiddle with various websites, input your particulars 20 gazillion times and wait for several weeks. Or you could take out a second mortgage and buy them off eBay.

But they were worth it just to totter your leather clad thighs around on the teetering prim heels looking superior to everyone else in their textured shoes.

But sadly all this changed and Second Life is all new and and exciting with more clothing shops than there are tins of beans at Tesco’s. But occasionally one longs for the comforting taste of nostalgia and takes a little trip through the murk of the mainland to find all the places where they used to splash their cash. I was on one such trip the other day, remembering the days of gothic brilliance of Nomine, going to Lost and Amby’s store where they keep all those old clothes (and purchasing many things I dribbled over in my SL youth) and trying to remember the name of the bloke who owned a big pyramid club and left SL in a fury with the Lindens. It was then I remembered my precious CFM boots and hot footed it to Asri’s store to regard. I was delighted to find they still existed with the sexy walk replacer (which is still in my AO to this day) and provocative adverts. “Huzzah!” I thought, but then I noticed the price. The previously mentioned stores had dropped all their prices to a few paltry lindens but not Asri, no. You can still purchase the CFM’s for their original price.

Now like I said, these boots were the bollocks, in 2004. But things have moved on, and I have to admit I was cringing in my seat at wearing these clompy buggers for the pictures you see above. I can’t understand why they still have the same price tag on them, the only people who are going to buy these are nostalgia driven harpies (me) and people who haven’t a clue about SL and have never heard of Abyss.

So Cum Fuck Me has become Fuck No and an era as ended. Now lets all bugger off back to Maitreya.


5 Responses to “Do you remember…”

  1. Tiernan Serpentine Says:

    Awww I had (and wore constantly for many months) those boots back in the day, in a lovely black and red variation. Although I should point out, having looked at mine languishing in some dusty hole in my inventory, that they’re more accurately called ‘cum fuk me botts’.

  2. : )
    I loved reading this, reminiscing and laughing at myself.
    I’m bouncing in world now – just don’t know where to go first, Asri Falcone or the depths of my inventory to laugh some more.
    Thanks for the great read.

  3. haha… things have changed? I certainly wish the gridwhores would catch on.

  4. OH EM GEE, I still have mine somewhere too, I think I had them in 3 colours.

    Gah, I miss 2004 for many reasons, but not *really* the fashion, just looking back at snapzilla makes me cringe.

  5. Dorra Debs Says:

    I had those boots too! Recently sold at my bargain basement though… so somewhere in SL someone is still wearing them 0_0

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