Holidays and Observances are for Skanks?

It never fails.

Leading up to a holiday or observance many retailers will invariably release items that appeal to the spirit of the occasion.

Second Life™ mirrors real live, of course. For North Americans in both worlds Valentines Day, Easter, independence days, Thanksgiving and Christmas will always result in a spike in retail activity to reflect the respective themes.

Would it really be Valentine’s day without the cliché red lingerie and lipstick-print boxers? How could we survive Easter without fuzzy bunny slippers? Where would Christmas be without a tacky knit sweater littered with yuletide imagery of snowmen and wrapped gifts? 

It’s not always easy to tastefully accomplish this, but some designers throw caution to the wind and full-on embrace creating vendibles that are lacking in refined aesthetics.

Each time a public holiday rolls around I can guarantee that, in particular, I’m going to see several ads and promotions in the feeds for some skanked out celebratory outfit that I can roll my eyes at. Freebie blogs are famous for featuring these. In SL I seem to notice this more than in real life – even though I work down the street from two lingerie stores with window merchandising that I pass every day to and from work. I’m going to pass one on the way to lunch today.

Why do anniversary observances signal the onslaught of slutwear? I just laugh and keep scrolling. Stores “exploit” such occasions for fun or profit. It’s a universal regardless of which world you’re observing.

This year was a little different.

On September 11, one of the most tragic events in recent world history, I glimpsed a memorial release that was … bordering on (if not completely absorbed in) the offensive.

Mascha Boa of Mascha Boa Fashion came out with some freebies that were not in the spirit of solemnity in remembrance of lives lost and forever changed – a “God Bless America – USA Outfit” for females. The outfit was a star-spangled thong bikini paired with a prim mini-mini-mini skirt that left ass and lower breast cleavage exposed.

The blog post explained that the store owners wished “to express our regret and show us that the fate of Americans fault. We know no one you can take the suffering and it will not be forgotten and yet we would like to express our compassion so that we can with our free products somewhat happy.”

My first response was an incredulous, ‘Get the fuck out’. I was hard-pressed to come up with any rationalization for why one would want to commemorate the murder of thousands with a g-string. I really wanted to rant on it, but suppressed the urge. I’m trying not to be vocal in the heat of the moment these days.

When reading the September 21 installment of the controversial SLsecret on Shopping Cart Disco, postcard #8 (pictured right) really spoke to me, reminding me of how I initially felt when viewing the images and how inappropriate I still feel it was.

Halloween is the only festival for which this can be excused. As dressing up and dressing down in extreme ways in encouraged.

I’m sure Miss Boa is a very lovely person who simply did not exercise good judgment on the day she set out to create her 9/11 bikini release. Had she set out this freebie in her store for July 4 no one would have batted a lid. The context was completely off.

Frankly, it’s put me a little on edge as to what to expect from our retailers in the future.

Holocaust hair-clips? Martin Luther King, jr. assassination day pyjamas? Hurricane Katrina nipple tape? Hiroshima neon-glow jelly bracelets?

– – –

Photo Credits: (1) Mascha Boa blog; (2) Shopping Cart Disco blog. Images are the property of the blog author(s) and/or owner(s).


7 Responses to “Holidays and Observances are for Skanks?”

  1. Rosie Shark Says:

    I think somehow it’s a sham to ‘observe’ any occasion in the manner we all saw 9/11 ‘observed’ in SL with the freebies and tacky costumes. 9/11 is not a holiday… it’s a date something terrible occured. Other observances that occured in SL were more appropriate such as the memorial and the sharing of feelings in the community. I think you said this very well, Cat. Thank you

  2. that’s a GREAT post Cat, I really appreciate it. I agree wholeheartedly. My way of dealing with tragic events does not include getting nearly-naked.

  3. Well, I have to agree with you.
    Also, I do not wear anything with the American flag on it, it’s an old fashioned habit I picked up from my parents so when 4th of july rolls around I don’t buy those items as well- which is probably why I never noticed all the 9/11 stuff- I scroll through that stuff.
    Anyway, I think you did a good job of taking a very controversial subject. Was that a direct quote- because seriously, like you said, “GET THE FUCK OUT!”
    Thank you for a great post!

  4. I’ve never understood the idea of “celebrating” a tragic event with a new outfit, in remembrance or otherwise. Great post and very well articulated.

  5. I couldn’t agree more. Like some places that touched on this stated, it wasn’t all Americans who died. I would be in more support of a ribbon or something to honor those passed then to thrash it out in the outfits Ive seen. Maybe a different topic but id have to say about 80% of the freebies ive seen are just thrash anyways.

  6. Ahh a post that really said what I feel! I was offered the 9-11 free outfit and was sickened by the crassness of it, clicked away from it. I am up to my eyes in’ holiday’ outfits that..I can’t say it better..are slut-wear.
    If I choose to dress sluttily, it is doubtful I will do it for Canadian Thanksgiving, Passover or Pearl Harbor Day, either.
    And if Hallowe’en doesn’t end soon in SL I will be puking in orange and black. How dare they sully my Wiccan/Druid holy day in such a way <—joke.

  7. Well I agree with you about the 9-11 outfit, but if you think about how we are as a society it doesn’t surprise me. The other day my brother was playing Call of Duty. It was the one based around world war two and I just thought about what my grandfather would think about my brother playing a game based on him and his friends dying for their country. Both my grandfathers were in ww2 and they taught all of us that war is not something to joke about or take lightly. So how does a game like this become so acceptable in society?

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