Don’t be a d-bag, it kills puppies!

And for my next trick I’m going to attempt to educate ya’ll on some of the Dos & Don’ts of SL (part I – revived) – Don’t be a douche bag! Seriously every time you act douchey, a cute lil fluffy puppy dies. True story!

If people could take just a little time out and away from thinking of only themselves, SL could be a better place for everyone & a puppy will thank you.

Let’s begin:

The Dos

* Guys wear a shirt – just because you walk around with one off, doesn’t mean we’re, as women, compelled to strip ours off to join you. Yes, we know you think your skin is teh awesome.

* Be a little random – It’s okay not to follow the herd once in awhile or not at all. Honestly not everybody likes a clone and it can be hard to be heard above the “Baaaaaaas” sometimes. Stand out and be yourself, you will be adored.

* Be respectful & understanding – I know it can be frustrating to have to deal with assholes, and lack of common courtesy but attempt to put yourself in someone else’s Stiletto Moodys before you go all sorts of ballistic.

* Organize your inventory – Cleanliness is next to Lindeniness. Besides the next time you need to whip out that 7 inch 6 cm cock or that perfectly placed clit, time could be of the essence, best to be prepared early by have a nice organized invey.

* Have and show common courtesy – Take into consideration that the people you encounter are REAL people playing just like yourself and can be affected by you and what you say/do.

The Don’ts

* Gestures – Okay shup I know I created & sell some but, big BUT… DON’T overly use obnoxious gestures. Seriously as a noob, grabbing all the free gestures you can should not be priority over skin & hair. DUH doofus.

* Be insanely quiet – We *will* talk about you & make shit up, hell it may even end here on the Rev. Hah!

* Have an emo fit and cut all your friends off your friends list. Most of all don’t “cut” *me*, don’t you know who I am?

* Be high maintenance – if you are just emotionally exhausting most people will begin to find ways to avoid you and eventually cut you off completely.

* Wear obnoxious clothing – i.e hooker boots with the clippity clap clap, bling, and anything else that could cause those around you to bleed from their eye sockets for days.

Of course this is just a short list to begin with which makes it a part I of so many. The next one may not be written by me as anyone here on the Rev is more than welcome to run with it.


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