Okay, did I get your attention?

The other day I asked a leading question on plurk: Do you consider yourself gay, straight or bi? Or something else altogether? Is it different in SL than in RL?

One person said:

I am Bi, everywhere. I just cant understand the “bi just for SL” thing at all. But I am who I am, regardless of where I am. – by S.L.

I don’t know if it’s always a thought-out process with people, but I do have a bit of experience in this area, so I thought I’d throw some thoughts out there for your perusal.

I myself have always identified as straight in my real life, I’ve never experimented (apart from some drunken kissing in the middle of the street) and never found myself attracted to a woman, beyond the “wow, Bif Naked is hot”.  But in SL, I was in a nearly year-long relationship with a woman.  We had sex, both textually and phone.  Do I consider myself a lesbian, or at least bi now?  No, not really…but I have to say I am more open to the idea of falling in love with the person and not the gender now.  I won’t automatically dismiss an entire gender now.

Seriously though, with the idea that you can be anything you want, why limit this part of yourself in SL?  I would like to think that some of the nekos, furries, tinies, and Republicans in SL aren’t actually that way in RL, so they’re doing something that is purely fantasy for them, so what’s the big deal with your sexuality not being the exact same in both lives?

Just a thought.


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