Kitty’s A to Z of Sexual Fetish in SL (part one)

Apart from being deeply uninspired (who knew) and not being brave enough to add my thoughts to the 20 gazillion commentaries on SL drama and llamas,  I have decided to flake out and do an A to Z of SL Fetishes (like the title says).

Not much of a cop out really, as I had to force myself to wander the grid in search of weird sexual practices, fortunately Rosie was on hand to help out with most of them so I didn’t have to work ‘that’ hard, also due to strict regulations in my contract I had to use a stunt woman (Tie) for all pictures.

So without further ado I present the letter A.

A is for Agalmatophilia

LOOK!! A long word, and it’s 9am… Go me. According to wiki Agalmatophilia is

“A paraphilial attraction to a statue, doll, mannequin or other similar figurative object, and is characterized by a human’s sexual arousal and gratification being dependent upon fantasizing about and engaging in sexual behavior with said object”

So put simply, all sex in SL. If you’ve made your pixels into a two backed beast in second life, you are an agalmatophiliac… Pervert!

B is for Bukkake

Once again according to the wiki

“Bukkake is a sexual practice that features a woman being ejaculated on by multiple men.”

Apart from being allegedly good for the skin, this is a popular fetish in SL with 1780 search results. From entire sims to several small quality boutiques offering prim and clothing layer baby gravy. Bukkake is big and can fit into many categories: group sex, domination, sploshing and people who liked being repeatedly smacked in the head by penii. Bukkake has it all.

C is for Cameltoe

“Cameltoe is a slang term that refers to the outline of the female labia majora when seen through tight, form-fitting clothes”

Not strictly a fetish in SL as every female has one, but I included it to make clothes designers aware that this is an unexplored market and some nice cameltoe accentuating items would be much appreciated.

D is for Doll Fetish

Possibly more under the heading of agalmatophilia, but it was this or dogs. In SL the whole doll D/s is catered to, from shiny pink latex to mahousive love melons. Those who wish to be transformed into one of the vapid whores they collected as a child can find happiness in SL with ease.

Part two coming soon.


6 Responses to “Kitty’s A to Z of Sexual Fetish in SL (part one)”

  1. yayyy love it Kitty!! Can’t wait for the next installment!!

  2. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    ditto! 😀

  3. Very interesting

  4. Is this what passes for writing in “an engaging manner” these days? I came to this blog from AWNM and have enjoyed reading it but this is disappointing. This writer seems as bored with writing this post as I was with reading it. If you’re “deeply uninspired” and “not being brave enough to add my own thoughts” and want to “flake out”, I’d suggest not writing an entry where essentially some content from wiki is pasted. I suppose a choice had to be made to put in Bukkake rather than Bestiality but can’t see much other input.
    Maybe you should reconsider the every 2 weeks requirement for your bloggers as I suspect this is what sprouted this entry.
    “It’s 2 weeks since my last blog, better get something in.”
    And at 4 letters a time we could have to endure another 6 of these.

  5. Actually I’d have loved to put bestiality in, but sadly bestiality isn’t actually a fetish, it’s more an act of fucking. If you can contain your boredom til the end you’ll find all the animal sex you could ever want under zoophilia, which as all great perverts know, is sexual attraction to animals rather than just using one once to spice up your wanking.

    As for the wiki pasting, yeah, I totally agree that was lame but if I’d have tried to explain these things the post would have been a lot longer and a hell of a lot more boring.

  6. 'Kota Buck Says:

    You could have gone Dolcett for D. There’s an awfully creepy amount of that in SL.
    I got a giggle out of this post though. Hehe, good idea.

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