I Want You!

Others may ‘rock’ it, but I’m here to Rosie-Roll the Vote ™. The deadline for registering to vote in the November election is near approaching. You can find out the specifics here for your state. But look into it quickly because some of the deadlines are as soon as Oct. 4th (well if you really wanna show your support of Palin cuz that’s the deadline for Alaska). Some states allow you to register at the poll but you really should know for sure, shouldn’t you?

Yes I realize this post is mostly not SL related, but it does apply to all of us here and to everyone out there who might possibly glance at this blog. From any country. And no this isn’t addressed to everyone, because I know there are many out there who will be participating.

I’m not going to get into who you should be voting for or supporting… yet. All I’m talking about at this point is that if you’re in a state that is approaching the deadline to register, please do so now.

Spurred by the generic antipathy of the Americans in my generation, I thought it timely for a good old patriotic post about rights and responsibilities. Patriotism and politics are hardly the fashionable dramatic topics you all might be looking for, but I’m here to show you just how fabulous you can be when you participate in the future of the world and your country. (see picture above :P)

“Doh! I’m not smart enough to vote/ I don’t know enough about politics”

So, let’s see… George Bush is smarter than you? You think so? I’m not sure I concur. Yet he doesn’t let the fact that he’s not a braniac hold him back! Why should you?

How about finances? Can you balance your checkbook? Do you manage to survive day-to-day, paycheck-to-paycheck, or even better? Because if you do, you might have more going for you than the Secretary of the Treasury who is in need of some money management tips. Jus sayin’!

Now, I know we’re all super UBER busy with our interwebz and virtual lives. A lot of us may just possibly be tethered to a computer for a substantial amount of time each day or week. Perhaps you could take just a few minutes in your bizzee BUSY day helping to run the most powerful nation on the earth? Maybe? So, if what’s holding you back is that you don’t think you know enough and you’re afraid you could do more damage than good, get educated! It’s not just a right, people, it’s a responsibility! Watch the news! Read a newspaper! Surf the Web! There’s all kinds of information out there just waiting to be sponged up into your brain! You’ve learned how to navigate Second Life™, you can do this!

At any rate, I assure you that the job of President of the United States will be filled come November 4th. Think of it as a job that you’re hiring for… who’s the best candidate? Someone’s gotta do it. Someone’s gonna do it. In the meantime, register! What could it hurt? At least on Election Day, when you feel more educated, you’ll have the opportunity to vote instead of using the tired excuse of Oh No I forgot to register!

Some helpful sites:

“Why bother? My vote doesn’t count /emosad”

Pffffft. When has that stopped you before? We’re all about sharing our opinions, getting up there and saying what we think. Now’s your chance! And if there was ever a time in the history of the country… and the World… now is the time! It’s not enough to sit on the sidebar and watch your life unfold. Things are happening! No matter your opinion, it’s crucial that you weigh in! Think about how you feel about the following issues:

  • The War in Iraq
  • The Environment (global warming: myth? Discuss amongst yourselves)
  • Progress
  • How America is perceived by the rest of the world
  • The Economy of the US and how it affects the rest of the world

Do you have any feelings about any of this? How would you vote, if let’s say you did… based on your thoughts on the above topics? The time is now!

You will tell me no you didn’t vote, your vote wouldn’t matter, blah blah. But you’ll also tell me “oh, but I don’t complain about it so it’s ok.” No. It’s not! Maybe I want to complain because you didn’t vote! If nothing going on in the world today is motivation enough to get involved, ask yourself ‘what would it take?’ Another terrorist attack? Tanks in our streets? We must take action before the worst case scenario. Never underestimate the work in foresight that went into creating our government… and I urge you to do whatever it is that you can!

It’s simply not enough to weigh in later down the road and woe is me I didn’t vote for so and so and now the world’s in a pisser. Wouldn’t it be better to take an active part in deciding the fate of the world and be a part of the solution?

{please feel free to add other helpful links in comments}


9 Responses to “I Want You!”

  1. Great post, Rosie! Right before my 18th birthday, my history teacher threw the voter registration form at me and told me that I MUST fill it out, or I’d never be allowed to complain about the government if I did nothing at all to try and change it. If I got nothing else out of her class, at least I got registered!

  2. I registered to vote as soon as I could, unfortunately I missed my first election by 21 days since my birthday is late november. But I’ve already sent away for my absentee ballot.

    This was a great post Rosie! I hope you get people voting! ❤

  3. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    Is proud to say that *I* registered in the state of KANSAS today while waiting in line at the &^%YT$T$#%$$R&%Y DMV! Yay me! *smile*

  4. I’d vote for you, Rosie!

    I register to vote at 18 and never failed to do it. Unfortunately, a few years ago, I was shocked when I heard some people saying they wouldn’t bother to vote because they prefer to go to the beach in the elections day. o.O

  5. Well it is your blog and surely I will be banned for my opinion, but this Blog is purportedly an SL blog. Most of us enter SL hoping to have a respite from RL for a little while. I read the SL blogs to learn others’ opinions and experiences.
    All of you commenting are other bloggers, agreeing that this intrusion of real life into an SL blog is ok.
    I disagree. I am not another blogger.
    Carry on, but I respectfully request that you don’t rip my head out of SL and back into RL so fast my ears bleed..btw, everyone in SL is not American. (Little known fact)
    I bow to your intelligent other posts.
    Do you ban for disagreement?

  6. Rosie Shark Says:

    Hi Mysti and ty for your comment. No, lol, we don’t ban people for having an opinion 🙂 In fact, we actually invite anyone with a differing opinion to share it with us in the form of a comment or even by submitting their own differing viewpoint blog post to be considered for publication on the site… see the sidebar for more info.

    I choose to express my opinion here… as you have done. Surely you wouldn’t fault me for having and sharing an opinion as freely as you have?

    “btw, everyone in SL is not American. (Little known fact)” I’m not sure if this is a little known fact to you. I’m very aware of the fact that this is true, as I’m very aware that we’re all in this together no matter what country you live in. Thank you again for your contribution 🙂

  7. Yeah, hi… um I beg to differ with the whole ‘Most of us enter SL hoping to have a respite from RL for a little while.’ claim.

    You can’t pause RL when when you enter SL. That’s just not how any life works. RL goes on even when you’re logged in and pose-ball demo-ing with your cyber-significant other.

    This election has world-wide ramifications, and it would behoove you to be educated about it, whether you’re logged into SL or not.

    Little known fact – roughly 80% of the world has a democratic electoral system. So this post, while pointed at the US, can also pertain to anyone. Get voting people! You are not allowed to complain if you don’t use the voice that your government gives you to use with your vote.

  8. Thank you, Rosie for not only allowing my different opinion, but inviting it. Your comments to me were points well made and taken. 🙂

    I AM American, but not everyone in SL is. I have already voted by mail, having watched a million hours (it feels like that) of the candidates, the talking heads and ads…and making my own decision.
    It is not that I am not knowlegeable about America’s impact on other countries, Autumn. I know it only too well. I have wonderful and sometimes uncomfortable discussions in-world with people about our shared planet. I prefer to do that one on one with people in SL.

    Autumn I have been in SL since 2006. I have the ability to compartmentalize my very good RL from a happy, fun SL. I didn’t use the word ‘escape’ in regard to SL. I said it is a respite..a fun place, to meet with friends, see and do things I can only dream of in RL. Perhaps my RL is more manageable than that of others; mine waits patiently till I emerge from my adventures in SL.

    My complaint that day, was, that I came to this SL blog, as I do others, to learn the opinions of what people do, see, and experience in SL, not RL. Perhaps there are some who don’t pay attention to what is happening in the world. I do. I just don’t want to do it in any SL environment.
    I only want to be in SL when I am there (no thank you to the Obama or McCain T-shirt in-world..my political leanings are my own and exist only in RL)
    When I am in RL I will deal with RL situations. But when I am in any virtual reality, I reserve the right to float on a cloud, jump off the highest skyplatform and pull my chute cord, dance in a lovely garden….and not be dragged into our real world problems.
    I feel the same about SL blogs, and that is only my opinion. I want to hear about SL in SL blogs. I have learned so much about the experiences of others by reading these blogs.

    I personally do not mix RL with SL. I have been in online worlds for over 13 years and this is a learned reaction. I keep ’em separated.

    As I write, my RL husband, who also enjoys a virtual respite, is in WoW. He has some hours to set aside RL and just be a 3″ gnome.

    Thank you for your intelligent, kind responses to my very personal opinion.
    As I said in my first post, it is your blog, and I will be polite and nice to your guests here :), as you have been to me.

    Now I will don my purple wig, a fairy skin and go be all that I can be..in SL. 🙂

  9. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    I would like to point out that the Rev is not an SL only blog. Mayhapsibly it isn’t that clear, but we do have a category of “RL”. There are a handful and more blogs out there that claim to be SL blogs, we never have. We’re like a potpourri of SL/RL together.

    I respect your opinion Mysti and I believe you all shared your views well here in the comments. However, for future reference you cannot assume every post you read here will be SL related.

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