Haughty by Nature?

Second Life fashion, we all know it, we all love it, and we all love to hate it. However, do you feel like you are “educated” enough to be shopping? Do you there behind the computer screen, really *know* fashion? Hmm? Yes, I thought not. But fear not, for there are an exclusive few that are here to drag you from the depths of your fashion ignorance: haughty SL fashion designers that are better than you. It gets even better for you, my friends, because these designers base their content on copying those from RL designers’.

Now, call me crazy, but I thought the whole purpose of fashion was to be innovative? To be daring and bold, shocking even. I don’t think directly copying a RL designer’s vision is daring; it’s boring and staid. We’ve seen it done over and over again in SL, and usually by people who have such holier-than-thou attitudes. I don’t get that attitude at all in RL or SL, but especially not in SL. I’m sorry, but last time I checked we’re all sitting at a COMPUTER of some sort. How cool can a computer nerd really be? In a world where physical beauty and personal wealth means nothing, your personality and attitude are what shine through. So what is up with that I’m-so-much-better-than-you persona? Is it real, or is it a facade they put on to seem cooler? Or, do they just believe their own hype?

I assume most of us read fashion planet, or some sort of blog feed (after all, this is a blog). Are you content to just sit back and buy whatever scrolls across that looks new? Admittedly, I must have 17 bazillion babydoll dresses in my inventory. But sometimes I see something cute that I *must have* even though I wear maybe… 10% of what I own. Are designers really trying to educate us with the same old crotch prim that’s been done again and again?

In SL, we’re able to do whatever, wear whatever, be whatever we want, so why aren’t there more designers making out-of-the-ordinary outfits? I love when designers push the envelope, it might not be something we wear every day, but you know you have that perfectly outlandish, yet beautiful dress waiting, should you need it. To me, that’s true ‘educative’ fashion, not mass producing whatever you see on the runway.

Of course, there is something to be said for the basic wardrobe staples; I know I love a great tank and jeans in both lives. But, even that can be changed up with some new funky colours, a different cut along the shoulders, a sculpted prim baggy look etc. There are SO manythings we could do with SL, and I’d love to see more people get into designing crazy things.
So, please designers! Impress us, shock us, EDUCATE US, just don’t bore us.


12 Responses to “Haughty by Nature?”

  1. That attitude is boring and puts me off. If you think you are THAT important, ask yourself why you are clocking in THAT many hours in a fabricated world instead of the real one around you? Like you said, we are all on computers for pete’s sake. As for designer copy-cats of RL, if it’s identical… it’s boring. If it’s inspired by today’s fashion, or something edgy in a magazine got your creative juices flowin, I see no problem with that. It’s the replica’s of EVERYTHING that are annoying and I will never buy. But, some things I see in magazines like this months Lucky and the vintagey goodness of the 20’s era there. I, being an SL geek, immediately thought “OH I wish it was possible to layer cardigans over that flowy top in SL. Man if I was a designer, I’d love to try something like that”. If that made an ounce of sense outside of my head, then what I’m getting at is inspiration good, copy bad. Great first post Aut! I look forward to hearing more of your lil elfy opinions 🙂

  2. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’m sooooooooo bored! I honestly believe that more than my ADD is keeping me out lately. LOL I need new YAYness!

  3. I will begin by saying that I am no fashion expert, but I have at least been around a while to witness some of the technological advancements that have pushed new improvements in fashion. Things like moving from system skirts, to prim skirts, and now flexi prims enabled designers to go places they couldn’t before. Then with the advent of the sculptie I think there was this big expectation that it would revolutionize fashion, along with the rest of the world.

    I believe the issue is that with each one of these advances the skillset that is “used to” making fashion, are not necessarily the best at using the new tools in the beginning. It takes time for people to come along who both understand the new technology, and also have that knack for making hot clothes and accessories. I have definitely bought some great sculpty items (mainly in footwear) but I still think there is a lot of room to push it farther than most have. Also, what is going to be the next big advance? Or what should people be working on?

    Great post Autumn, and looking forward to the next one.

  4. Dove Swanson Says:

    Yay Autumn! 😀 Great first post thinger.

    I’m not a fashion expert, but I’m a bit of an SL fashion HOR. I can’t help myself, I’ll buy up that mundane crap as fast I do the squeal-worthy stuff – mainly because I love to mash it all up. I think when you do that even the most boring of boring can become piece-part to something kind of exciting. As a result you end up defining fashion for yourself, rather than waiting for someone to educate you.

    Screw education. I don’t even know what revolution means! 😀

  5. Whimsy Winx Says:

    I don’t care either way if its something I wear in RL, or something I would not, I will buy it if I like it. I do not encourage anyone to stop what they are doing to go a seperate path if they find that they do inworld pesonally fullfilling, but I do agree if this is a metaverse, another world. Why not redefine the norm, we are locked into too much bullshit in our RL’s we are using second life as sort of escapism from the real world, why not shape this into what we dont have out there. I enjoy second life, cause I can interact with others as they choose to be, not bound by what they have been walled into being in real life. Some of us emulate our real lives and thats ok, some choose a different path. But I agree we need something more that only we can define.

  6. Just a response to a comment Hawks made, since I’m not awake enough o write anything much…

    We had prim skirts long before we had system skirts. People just (for the most part) stopped using them.

  7. Rosie Shark Says:

    Great first post Autumn! And I love the title! Actually I do believe there have been some great uses of sculpties to do fashionable things that we could not do before them… look at what’s been coming out from maiiki and armidi to see a few fabulous examples… or take it from me, your friendly shopaholic. Sooo many years in and still! not tired of following the feed 😛

  8. Thanks Guys! I appreciate it! 😀

    Bella yes, I would love to see a designer’s personal interpretation of what’s hot in RL, but not a copy! 🙂

    Whimsy, that’s a great point too. I fully support people doing what they like in SL, that’s what it should be about.

    Rosie, Yeah another good example of innovative designers is Ce*Cubic Effect, and Zaara is doing great different stuff as well. Starley just released a fabulous sweater with a sculpted off-the shoulder neckline. I’m also a shopaholic ! 🙂

  9. Cincia Singh Says:

    Good or bad, I have yet to see any SL fashion that isn’t simply a copy (yea go ahead and make yourself feel good by calling it an interpretation) of RL fashion. That said, everyone needs to find fashions that make them feel good about themselves and not take advice from self-appointed fashionista’s peddling the things designers send them for free.

  10. In a world where physical beauty and personal wealth means nothing, your personality and attitude are what shine through.

    I really appreciate that sentiment. Great post, Autumn.

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