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I really have no interest at all in attending a Second Life convention of any sort type or manner.   The hype is dying down a bit, but for a while many blogs and sites were churning out the RL picture sets from the convention.   I really don’t have anything more than a morbid fascination in looking at RL pics of SL avatars that I know and bloggers that I follow.   We live and exist and interact in a virtual world.  Call me selfish, but I don’t really wanna know the hot chick who can make you blush at the drop of a hat with the incredible sense of humour is actually a 50 year old mother and grandmother.  I really would rather she just remain the hot chick.   I am still adjusting to the use of voice, where I am still shocked by things like Callie Cline sounding like a hard smoking trucker.  I really don’t want to make the full jump to RL interactions.

Like anybody else, I have a short list of people from SL that I would very much like to meet in RL.   I think at last count it was… ummm 5, in addition to the one that counts the most which I have already met.   This group is one that even if they showed up horribly disfigured with a third arm, I would still want to have a beer with each of them and be able to sit across the table.   For the rest of you, I don’t really want to hang out so much.   I am sure that there is a small minority out there that looks as hot or hotter than their AV (who haven’t just photoshopped in a model off the internet into their RL tab) but I don’t really wanna weed through the other 99.8% who are just going to crush my imagined image of you that I have in my head.   The problem with seeing someone in RL, is that once you meet, you can never ever ever go back to the glorified image you had in your head prior to meeting them.   SL is a glorified universe, where people project their own image of perfection into the world, and then you meet and interact with their ideal and decide if you want to hang out with them further.

Call me shallow.  Call me unsympathetic.   The reality is that guys are very visual, and one of the big draws for SL is that most of the women are hot.  Not to mention that if you are into furry love, or cross gender role play, or various other kink, then meeting in RL is likely to be a little anticlimactic.  No offense to Crap, but I will never be able to see him as a fem-bot with gears, because in my head I will be seeing his RL picture as a pretty normal looking middle aged man.

I am also a pretty average guy in RL.   I am 6’1″ tall at 185 pounds with a *ahem* “slightly” receding hairline.   I wear glasses a lot more often than Hawks.   Whereas Hawks has learned to love tat’s and changes them on a regular basis, I don’t have a single tat on my body because I could never commit to looking at one thing for the rest of my life on my body.   I typically run around in a t-shirt and shorts, whereas Hawks prefers a tank and jeans.   I actually own more pairs of shoes than Hawks, but everybody has a fetish of some sort.

In a nutshell, SL is a virtual world which is very well suited to virtual living.   The friendships, relationships, experiences are very much real, but the whole world would be turned upside down if tomorrow you flipped a switch and saw the RL person behind every one of those AV’s.   My guess is that it would generate lots and lots of therapy bills, and the entire virtual universe would collapse on itself.   Let’s keep SL for SL, and if we want to have conventions and such, then isn’t that what all these sim and lag improvements are supposed to be for?   To provide a better virtual meeting space?


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  1. Whew… here I was, worried I looked abnormal.

  2. awww is that what i sound like to you? hahaha, are you sure you heard ME??? most ppl say i sound like a kid or a valley girl, hahaha… anyway, i sorta know what you mean, but i have to admit, seeing the faces behind the avies of some of the ppl i know at slcc warmed my heart and when i’ve seen them inworld i dont think of their faces.

    anyway… i’m sorta curious where i sound like a hard smoking trucker, link???? thanks!

  3. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    jOMG! caLLie is here! Someone get her a chair – STAT! And we’ll provide you with a link if you can provide us with a link to you sounding like a kid and/or valley girl. We’re really not all that picky 🙂

  4. haha jelly… the drew carey video??? i mean that’s what i have… besides my voice on my music at sl5b… haha love ya! xoxoxo

  5. Chelle Moore Says:

    I dunno, I had an absolute blast at SLCC 2007, I got to DJ, which I love doing, met some wonderful people I had only heard about in SL before who then became really great friends, and of course, got engaged at Stroker’s ball. I would have gone to SLCC this year if I could have 😦

    Even tho we all have mental pictures of avatars it really wasnt surprising to see the RL people behind them and it didn’t really change my perception of them at all. If anything it made me feel closer to them and to the SL community as a whole.

    Granted, I have stepped away from SL for the last several months as I take care of RL stuffies (finally, Lol). But I still think of everyone in SL that I know as family and do pay attention to certain blogs, (ok really only anything connected to Jell and one fashion feed) and try to pop in occasionally.

    I’ll always remember SLCC 07 as a great experience and hope someday to go again 🙂

    oh.. and what drew carey video?? i wanna see!

  6. Well I have been meeting in RL most of the people I’m friends with in SL and in fact the real “skins and shapes” don’t mean a thing, like they don’t in SL either.
    They are exactly the same beautiful people I met in world. After all what matters is your mind and heart is it not? 🙂

  7. dialoguewithdaila Says:

    I compare seeing a RL picture of someone I like in SL to seeing a movie version of a book I enjoyed. Sometimes, the director/producer has made a great casting decision and the actor/actress fits the role perfectly. Othertimes, it is a disaster and ruins the whole movie and even future readings of the book for me. That’s why I’m always glad I read the book at least one time with the picture of the characters in my head before I saw the movie version.

  8. “Callie Cline sounding like a hard smoking trucker.” ??? While that may be true of me, having spent uncountable hours in voice with her, it is not true of her. I guess its a matter of perception…

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    All’s cool, eh.

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