I wish my lawn was emo so it would cut itself…

Emo started out as a genre of music believe it or not. Today it is used to describe fashion & stereotypes. As certain fashion trends and attitudes began to be associated with “emo”, stereotypes emerged that created a specific target for criticism. In the early 2000’s (remmy those days, ahhhh, good times – good times), the criticism was relatively light-hearted and self-effacing, in ensuing years, the derision increased dramatically.

In SL today, the word “emo” is used mostly to describe persons. When you are referring to someone as being emo, you are usually stating that they are sensitive, or have an emotional personality. In my four years of SL I’ve emotionally “cut” people who I have deemed emo & too much like high emotional maintenance from my friends list. Sometimes more than once, or even twice. Hell! I deleted Kenny Sleeper three times.

What I don’t get is the appeal or attraction to the “condition” of being emo. Anyone who drains that much energy out of me, or sucks the fun out of my sunshiney day is just well, too much.

I know blogging about it won’t make much of a difference, cause ya are what ya are. I guess my main hope is that you recognize that I’m not a minority here by saying people will *not* gravitate towards someone who is always pouty, whiny, negative, upset with the world, has excessive consecutive bad days, or is just basically an all around downer. Mayhaps, the term emo is just narrowing the field of annoying & I should probably just broaden it by listing all the “negative” persons annoying behaviors that I lump into a ball of emo.

It’s not just SL anymore either. If you haven’t flocked like everyone else to Plurk, kudos to you. However if you have… ask yourself these questions:

1. Have I or someone I know plurked at least three times today either whining, complaining, or pouting about anything, or life in general? What *is* my upbeat plurk level to down-ness ratio?

2. Does anyone *really* care how often I’m missing my baby, my smoopykins, my baby boo? And if they *might* do I really, really need to remind them several times a day how much I miss him/her?

3. I know I’m sick today, but let me go on to plurk about every sniffle, every raunchy vomit trip to the porcelain goddess, or that migraine I have (ya know computer monitors don’t help this – step away from the computer) that’s gnawing at my skull. People care, really?

Over all, people in whole are caring but if 78% of your life is spent whining, complaining or bringing everyone around you down, that’s just not healthy, nor cool, nor likable. It is okay to not be okay but it’s def not okay to not be okay all the time. Get help.

Take this as a public service announcement & remmy what Mom said: if you really don’t have anything positive to say, don’t speak or at least don’t tell me. Or something like that.

Thank you.


9 Responses to “I wish my lawn was emo so it would cut itself…”

  1. Damn the CSS that makes my font color the same as the box! Anywho, if I typo a lot, that’s why. 😉

    I don’t understand the whole emo fad (yes, it’s a fad.) especially when it comes to skinny chick jeans falling off a boy’s ass and that being “cool Teens take themselves too damn seriously. I know I did. Gods save me, I had a web journal back then. Oh the shame… oh the dark, sucky poetry…

    As for plurk… I don’t think of that as emo at all. I think it’s attention-whoring plain and simple. people want to get the hugs and the sympathy and the love. Inside we’re all 5 years old, whiny, and need naps.

  2. ok im guilty of getting occasionally emotional- so the first part make me sorta have to laugh at myself- the 2nd part of this post srsly won you the title of my new secret hero.
    it should be called hypochondriacs unite.

  3. gak! i don’t like the ‘poor me’ post, but i despise the sychophants who flock around tutting and cooing and leg humping to get said boo-hoo-er’s attention and love… nauseatingv
    btw. could you have anymore awesome writer types in one place? very much looking forward to some excellent analysis, musing and debating!

  4. I’d never even heard of plurk before I saw this. Maybe this living under rocks has something going for it.

    As for Emo, isn’t that what used to be goth? 🙂

  5. rezit sideways Says:

    I think emo as it is in the current fad, is a manufactured state generated by big corporations such as Viacom (MTV) at an attempt to make money off of what used to be a reclusive and rather independent subculture (as you say, it was a type of music). Now that the corp has control, it can sell products are this condition, i.e. Hot topic, MySpace, this Plurk you mentioned, etc. T In the end it’s all a big money machine and we are all just being manipulated and put into little neat labeled boxes, after all it makes their marketing people happy when you do as expected. I wouldn’t criticize someone for being emo, but I would suggest they break free of the corporate teet.

  6. […] I wish my lawn was emo so it would cut itself… about Emo spewing in my SL im windows & plurk […]

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  8. Emo isn’t only sad and bad emotions. The “original” emo’s are just very emotional people, who are extremely happy or extremely hyper, but they can also be extremely sad. So it’s not all about the sad emotions. These wonnabe emo’s these days are the sad, downers. They have pressed teh stamp “depressed” on emo people. I am an emo person myself. I have very extreme emotions, and usually in a positive way. I can be happy like a kid in a candy store. Eyes wide open and shiny, smiling from ear to ear and just be super, extremely happy. But if anyone says something that hurts, even just a lite, i can explode into a very sad person. That’s being emo. Having extreme emotions, either way.
    Emo is not bed. Emo is a way of being.

  9. msot computer monitors these days are already using LCD technology and some are LED-LCD ~;-

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